TufGard’s crew of highly-trained window tinting professionals have been servicing the Chicagoland area and car dealerships for more than 15 years. Our team of  window tinting professionals in Chicago provides high quality service with a lifetime warranty on all window film. Our clients are professional athletes, CEO’s as well as all car enthusiasts that want the best product, great customer service and the satisfaction of having the job done right the first time.


35% is the legal tint for front and back windows in Illinois


Benefits of Window Tinting

Many people believe that there are no real benefits to window tinting besides the obvious gain in privacy, however that is not true. Many films now incorporate UV protection to protect your skin and car interior from fading. What most people do not know is that most factory car window tints do not have the UV protection. Besides UV protection, some window films offer another benefit of safety : shatter resistance. This comes from the films ability to hold glass shards together and act as a barrier for protection.

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Window Tinting Percentage

  • 5%
  • 15%
  • 35%
  • 50%

Frequently Asked Window Tinting Questions

What is the Illinois Window Tint Law?
  • 35% for both front and rear windows.
  • If you go 30-34% in the rear, you have to do 50% front.
  • If rear windows are tinted below 30%, front windows cannot have tint.
  • Vehicles equipped with factory rear tint are allowed to have up to 50% tint for front windows.
How long does your window tinting last?
Our window tint film has a lifetime warranty. If you have any issues form our window tinting installations, we will repair our work for free for life for the original owner.
Does window tinting require maintenance?
One installed, window tint is virtually maintenance free. Beyond the typical glass cleaner, no other chemicals should be used to wipe the glass.
How long does it take to install window tint?
A typical window tinting installation takes between 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the number of windows being tinted.
Do you offer warranty?
We provide a lifetime warranty to the original owner on our window tint film as well as the labor.